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Type II or Mobitz II - prolapse of complexes from the ventricles also occurs, but there are no previous udlfrost PQ. Associated with impaired incomplete conduction at the level of the trifascicular bundle, so the ventricular complexes are more often dilated and deformed. Type III - prolapse occurs in the correct fixed order (every second, third or quadruple complex from the ventricles), while bradycardia is observed. It is considered an indicator of the progression of the cause of Benicar pills. It is possible both at the proximal and distal levels. The QRS complex either changes or retains the correct shape.

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Characteristics of violations in the blockade of the III degree. As well as the two milder degrees, complete atrioventricular block may be due to proximal or distal lesions. Proximal complete blockade causes a ventricular rhythm that has arisen in the atrioventricular node, bradycardia is about 50 per minute, ventricular complexes are not changed, contractions occur synchronously.

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Cardiac pathology is usually accompanied by a number of symptoms: If the blockade is caused by an inflammatory process or incomplete scarring, then all the signs are unstable.
If the rhythm disorder is associated with an acute overdose of digitalis preparations: immediately cancel the medication; gastric lavage is usually ineffective, 30 minutes after ingestion, activated charcoal has a greater effect, which should be given several times; Antidigoxin and Atropine are injected; Phenytoin and Lidocaine are indicated for the combination of blockade with ventricular arrhythmias; in the absence of the possibility of immediate administration of Antidigoxin, the concentration of potassium should be lowered by intravenous administration of a glucose solution with insulin, ingestion of benicar resin Polystyrenesulfonate, Hypothiazide; in order to eliminate acidosis, a solution of sodium bicarbonate (soda) is dripped.

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